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CrossFit is a high-intensity core strength and conditioning program that focuses on all ten components of optimal physical fitness:

Unlike most fitness gyms, when you join CrossFit Ground Control you become part of our amazing CrossFit community. Our mission is to provide you with the BEST and most efficient fitness training available in Culpeper.

We are not specialists. Our fitness program focuses on functional exercises, athletic conditioning, kettlebell training, Olympic and power lifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, rowing, running and jumping rope.

We can accommodate and train a wide variety of people of all ages and all fitness levels. Contact us today (call us or use the web form below) and experience your first training session for FREE – (540) 445-1187

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Jackson Tyler Level-1 CrossFit Trainer and Physical Therapist
Jackson Tyler
Level-1 CrossFit Trainer & Physical Therapist

Using his knowledge as a physical therapist to assist in avoiding injury & optimizing movement, Jackson is passionate about proper form, preventing injury, and keeping athletes healthy.

Renee McNemar
Level-1 CrossFit Trainer

I fell in love with CrossFit from the moment I completed my first WOD and every milestone thereafter. I love sharing my time and passion, and watching others accomplish feats they never thought possible.

After CrossFit
Bradley Benner
Level-1 CrossFit Trainer & Weightlifting Coach

I joined CrossFit in Nov 2015 and was able to lose over 100 LBS. I enjoy helping others realize that they can get control of their health, build confidence, and become physically fit.

David Elias
Level-1 CrossFit Trainer

I love helping our athletes push their limits, increase their strength and realize their goals; doing things they never thought they could before because of age or a lack of a skill or strength.

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