Bradley Benner - CrossFit Trainer & Weightlifting Coach

I got started with my fitness journey in 2015 after seeing my photo (the “Before” photo shown here) and not recognizing the “fat guy” in the photo.¬†When I realized that was me, I knew that something needed to change.

I joined a traditional gym on August 7, 2015 and struggled to achieve any weight loss results on my own so I decided to try CrossFit. I joined CrossFit Ground Control in November of that year.

I was obese when I joined, and although the CrossFit workouts were tough, the coaches helped me push through anytime I felt like quitting.

Within just a couple of weeks of regularly attending CrossFit classes and following a ketogenic diet, THE FAT STARTED MELTING OFF!

Over two years have passed since I started CrossFit. I lost over 100 pounds in total and am now working on adding weight as lean muscle and improving athletic performance.

I became a Level-1 CrossFit Trainer so that I can help overweight and obese people take back control of their health, burn fat and lose weight permanently, and become fitter than they thought was even possible.

I also really enjoy Olympic Weightlifting and have acquired CrossFit Weightlifting Specialty credentials.

I have a passion for helping “regular folk” awaken their inner athlete and accomplish physical fitness goals they never dreamed of before.

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